Online Advice by rajendran

Rajendran provides online Vastu consultation for clients who are interested in getting an online Vastu check done sitting in the comfort of their home at the time that suits them.

Rajendranis one of the only few Vastu experts in the whole world few Vastu experts in the whole world who provides unparalleled Vastu services to clients in a zero demolition way so that the clients do not face any major problems during the entire process of Vastu consultation.

Online Vastu consultation process is as easy as it sound the client get to consult with Rajendran through e-mail. The client can send the architectural map of the premise that he wishes to get checked to Rajendran through E-mail if the client is not able to send an architectural map of the premise then he can also send a hand drawn map to Rajendran.

The Vastu consultation result for both of these would be more or less the same.

Online Vastu consultation also proves to be as good as consultation through Vastu premise visit.

Rajendran is very different from the often Vastu consultants of the world because he is not one who claims that Vastu can only work for you if you go for a Vastu consultation and propagates the same.

Therefore those clients who are living far away or are unable to get a visit done by Rajendran can very easily consult him through E-mail.

There is no other Vastu consultant in India who is providing these impeccable services of Vastu consultation online through e-mail.Rajendran is the only Vastu expert providing these services to his clients.

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