Vastu Shastra for health

The practice of Vastu Shastra for Health offers the opportunity to focus on specific areas of your environment with the aim of optimizing the flow of positive energy by incorporating healthy as well as key essentials in your home. Healthy home creates good health.

Vastu, a cosmic science uses nature’s rhythm to introduce a sense of well being to your life. By simply arranging or correcting your surroundings, you will be able to shift your life towards your true good health. When your house has good vastu, your life will be harmonious, joyful, healthy, and prosperous.

Your health is directly connected to your environment. Good Vastu Shastra for Health may not heal all that ails you, but it can help you become as healthy -both physically and mentally. It can help you rejuvenate body and mind, recover more rapidly from illnesses, minimize complications, and support good health.

Poor vastu arrangement can increase susceptibility to illness, stress and, also depressed energy.


One area of the home that can have an adverse effect on your health is the location of your bathroom in the auspicious zone.

Since it is a place of waste, according to vastu it is considered a place filled with dead aura.

This negative aura polluting the positive zone can be balanced by adding corrective things like plants, vastu salt, crystal,vastu energy partitions and using bright colors to your bathroom.

One more way to protect yourself from this negative energy is to make sure that the bathroom door is always kept closed and that the toilet seat cover is always down after active use.

You should also make sure that your bathroom’s energy does mix with the energy in your kitchen.

If your bathroom is directly opposite to your kitchen, keep the door closed & use vastu energy partition to block a negative energy on the door frame to separate these opposing energies.

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